Watch it wiggle

JelloquakeWhat better intersection could there be between the appreciation of all things food and all things San Francisco, particularly on this auspicious anniversary year, than a scale model of the city in wiggly, jiggly Jello? This treasure will be on display — on a shake table, no less! — for one day only, April 1, at the Exploratorium. And everyone is all abuzz about it! See more images of the installation in all its Technicolor glory here. (Photo: Liz Hickok via Exploratorium)

(Note: I so want to go to this, but it is the day after my last day at work, so I think the world may just be too shaky already for me on that day.)

In other news, KTVU unearthed a before unseen collection of post-quake photos of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Add it to your list of 1906-related voyeurism.