Hedonia 2.0

So I finally decided to tinker with the design a little bit. I’m very open to feedback. Compliments, comments and other constructive criticisms are welcome.

  • sam

    the illustation is making me chuckle! It looks just like you two!

  • Isn’t it great? Our very talented friend Franca (of Pasta alla Franca) drew that. It’s our unofficial logo. 🙂

  • The new layout has it looking quite sexy around here!

  • Garsh, thanks! I look forward to changing up the header frequently.

  • I like it. I like that the typeface is easier to read an bigger. I like that the space feels more airy, it makes me want to read more, comment more, interact. The colors are good.
    This is a great resource for more colors than TypePad offers:
    I’m really glad you’re part of the gang. We needed more Camp.

  • Funny enough I didn’t change the size of the typeface. However, I think that putting everything on a white background just makes it that much easier to read and so creates the appearance of greater clarity. I liked the warm, yummy colors of the old template, but you gotta go with what works. I admit I am still a little on the fence with the patriotic palette that’s inadvertently going on, though.