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Cocktails by the pitcher

MargaritaWe love to entertain, and go to great lengths to make sure we’re not slaves to the kitchen when the party starts. For a particularly ambitious event last year, we concocted a few foolproof cocktail recipes that can be made up by the pitcher. This makes it easy on you — and your guests. By giving them ready-made options, it limits the amount of mess from people mixing up their own drinks. For our party we set up the pitchers with little signs, plus bowls full of appropriate garnishes on the side. We’ve even taken to mixing one up to kick off dinner parties. You can buy good lime juice (you want unsweetened, not Rose’s) by the bottle in the Mission for like a buck. I always cut them with a bit of club soda to extend and make them a little less boozy. The recipes are a little strong, but they’re meant to be served on the rocks, so they dilute quickly.

1 1/2 c. vodka
1 1/2 c. cranberry juice
1 c. Cointreau
1 c. lime juice
1/2 can club soda

2 c. tequila
2 c. lime juice
1 c. Cointreau
1 c. (scant) symple syrup
1/2 can club soda
Salt or no salt on the rim — wars have been fought over more trivial matters. Try salting only half the rim (see pic). That way, people can choose whether to sip from the salty side, and it looks cute besides.

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