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Gussy up a Shuffle

Juan_bigThose mavens of queerness at Queerty posted this before I had the chance …

I heart my Shuffle, but have always lamented the calibre of the accessories available for it. To the rescue come decals featuring characters from Andrew Georgiou’s always chucklesome comic strip, Mr Gisby’s Totally Gay Pet Shop. Made of high-quality vinyl, they allegedly leave no residue when you remove them, and you can evidently even reapply them so you can change out your look and keep it fresh. Choose from Gus the leather fetish gorilla, Madame Chicolitta the dominatrix chicken, Irving the cross dressing gerbil and Juan Jose the gay butch bull. Or don’t — I intend to get them all. And they go on sale tomorrow. Shufflesome also offers a number of other designs that are all very arty but not nearly so cute or gay.

OK, so maybe this doesn’t fit into the food, drink or San Francisco categories, but accessorizing always makes for good living, and accessorizing your accessories doubly so.

Mr Gisby’s Totally Gay Pet Shop
Queerty: Pet Shop Boys 

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