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Bar Bites: Medjool

MedjoolDPaul had a colleague in town last night from DC. This fella actually travels with a cooler so that he can bring home cheeses and other delicacies from San Francisco. We brought him to one of our perennial faves, Medjool.

There’s little about Medjool I don’t like. I love the hip, lofty space with the jumble of Morocccan lamps; the clever cocktail menu (I had the Rose Hip, with rose-infused vodka and a float of cava); and mostly the diverse menu of small plates inspired by the cuisines of the entire circumference of the Mediterranean. There’s been hardly anything I haven’t enjoyed there, but highlights last night were the chicken in almond-pomegranate sauce (with a healthy dose of cumin) and the zhoug-marinated prawns with spicy tomato jam.

Small plate dining works for me on a lot of levels — I enjoy the diversity of flavors and the ability to order a lot or a little depending on the mood. Medjool fits the bill, whether you want to sit down to a full meal or just have a cocktail and some nibbles. On nice days (such as we’ve been having), the rooftop Sky Terrace can’t be beat with its 360ยบ views.

2522 Mission St, x 21st St

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