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Chocolates for V-Day or any day

RecchuitiValentine’s Day is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to wow your loved one with something sweet. Chocolate may seem like a pedestrian gift, but as I’ve written in the past, San Francisco is home to some of the most refined and remarkable chocolatiers and confectioners around. And no, I’m not talking about Ghirardelli.

As friend and fellow blogger Billy Kolber-Stuart notes, French chocolatier RICHART makes some of the most exquisite creations around. Personally, I love their Petits RICHART collection, delicate bite-sized truffles categorized in seven flavor groupings — balsamic, citrus, floral, fruity, herbal, roasted and spiced — with seven flavors per. Each truffle is decorated with a unique pattern to distinguish it. Tho not every flavor succeeds equally, many are surprisingly good; I particularly liked the herbal and floral flavors.

But for my money — and money is of the essence when shopping at Richart — I prefer one local artisan above all others. Recchiuti Confections makes truffles with inspired flavor combinations, albeit perhaps not as fastidiously organized as Richart’s.  Each piece is a work of art, some screened with patterns in the Richart idiom, others more free-form. My favorites include Star Anise and Pink Peppercorn; Pearl Mint Tea; and Burnt Caramel, which you can buy by the jarful (and eat by the spoonful).

Since I wrote that story, a few newcomers have entered the scene. I guess I’ll have to pick up my research where I left it off. It’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it.

The Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day [BillyKnowsBest]What’s New [SFGate]

393 Sutter St

Recchiuti Confections
Ferry Building, shop #30

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  1. Gentlemen:
    As you know, the bay area is exploding with chocolate and chocolatiers. I invite you to check out my little 3 year old boutique chocolate company (now featured as room gifts at the Palomar Hotel in SF), Cacao Anasa (swahili: festive, prosperity, comfort and marvel/’wonder of the world’). With Valentine’s just a couple of weeks away we have a number of special gift offerings such as our Flowers & Herbs Collection, Dozen Roses, Cacao Romantico Sampler Collection and Dark Passion Bar (Organic Fair trade chocolate (73%), organic passionfruit oil, organic mangos and black sesame seeds).
    In the city, our chocolates can be found for purchase at The SF Chocolate Factory (SOMA), Rose Bowl florist (Opera Plaza), Blackwell’s wines (Geary & 22nd) or from my brief case. And we take online orders as well.
    Let me know if you’d like to sample our chocolates.

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