Two offal dinners

BigpigMust be innards season, cuz there are two hoof-to-horns special meals lined up at two of the Bay Area’s best Italian restos. Tonight through Friday, Berkeley’s Oliveto is serving up The Whole Hog, offering up a remarkable selection of dishes composed almost entirely of pieces of our friend the pig. (Oh, there  are a few vegetable sides, though I would not be surprised to find flecks of bacon therein.) And March 6 will see the return of Incanto’s Dining from Head to Tail meal. I adore Incanto, and have had beef heart there before and loved it. This year’s menu comprises an interesting selection of goods, including Marin mountain oysters; a finanziera of cockscombs, sweetbreads and sanguinaccio; and, perhaps most interestingly (or disgustingly, depending on your inclinations), suet pudding with chocolate blood gelato.  What, no brains this year?

Now, as a recovering vegetarian, I am not deeply inclined to partake of these meals myself, but I know there are more than a few of you out there with a taste for such things.

[Photo lifted from flashgoirl]

5655 College Ave, Oakland

1550 Church St, San Francisco

  • margaret vandyken

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