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Necktie nests Nano nook

PinkipodtieI know I said I heart my Shuffle … but then I got a Nano. (Thanks, honey!) Not only is it the cutest, tiniest, coolest thing I’ve ever owned, it also opens the door for all kinds of great accessorization. And as with the now-defunct iPod Mini, it was only a matter of time before the high-falootin’ retailers of the world stepped up to the plate to dress up this year’s must-have toy.

Enter Thomas Pink, who has just released a limited-edition "Commuter Tie" with a Nano-sized pouch on the underbelly and a handy loop to keep the cord from hanging out all over. Mind you, contrary to the image to the left, you’ll have to put your Nano in upside-down, as the cord juts out from the base (something of a design flaw, in my book), but it will in theory make it easier for you to read and navigate that way anyhow.

Sadly, a Pink tie might look a tad silly with my Gama-Go tee-shirts, so I’ll keep shopping.

Thomas PInk iPod tie keeps your nano on your neck [Engadget] (thanks, Matt)
Commuter Tie [Thomas pink] (Warning: missing images!)

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