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Daffy for daffs

DaffsI love daffodils. They’re the first harbinger of spring, and the best way to combat the lingering, gloomy grey days of winter. My favorite way to present daffodils is clustered, as pictured. Buy bunches of daffodils that are still tightly closed; once open, the only last a few days. Take your daffs and line up all the heads together, with the buds radiating out. Holding the stems in a bundle. chop off the ends to an even length and impale the entire bunch on a frog that is sized to your vase. Add lukewarm water to the vase and set the frog in the bottom. As the daffs open, they’ll form a tight ball of bright yellow blossoms.

The vase and plate in the picture are courtesy our very talented friend Andy.

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