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Perfect pots de crème

Our friend Hugh fed us last night, a feast for kings: Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus; roast guinea hen with rutabaga, parsnip and parsley root; delicious couscous with Egyptian dukkah, all crunchy and spicy. Everything was truly to die for. But the crowning glory was the adorable little pots de crème from Miette in the Ferry Building. (Sorry, no picture!) They packed a surprisingly rich chocolatey flavor despite their relatively light color, and they were the perfect consistency. Best of all, they come in quaint little bell-shaped jars that you can reuse for pots de crème of your own, or forcing bulbs.

One Ferry Building, shop 10

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  1. I saw those pots de creme on Friday when I was picking up a gingerbread cake. They looked amazing — glad to hear they taste good, too! Definitely on my list for next time.

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