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The week in ingredients

LambBelgian lamb born with six legs, cannot walk and must be specially fed. Could this be the new veal?

Heinz ketchup celebrates 130 years of bottle spanking.

Robert Grimm, father of the so-called baby carrot, dead at 54. Turns out baby carrots are not baby at all, but mature carrots that are whittled down to the little plugs they are. What I want to know is, what happens to all the carrot shavings?

Oversize ingredient extravaganza: Football-sized lemons, record-breaking bass, giant squid on ice and super fluffy bunnies. We have world hunger, why?

You can make almost as many things out of hot dogs as go into them!

SFist in the Kitchen tarts things up with kumquats.

Spring descends on the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market: German Butterball potatoes, artichokes, spring onions, tatsoi (bok choi), rainbow chard, daikon and spinach are cropping up.

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