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Eat me: Fig bread

FigbreadThough we love to complain about living in Mayberry Noe Valley, I have to admit that there are a few culinary highlights. Chief among them is the organic fig bread at Noe Valley Bakery. The dense, crusty bread is not at all sweet, but it envelops tremendous chunks of honey-sweet dried figs. My idea of a perfect breakfast is a slice or two of this bread toasted and slathered with butter (or, if you prefer, gorgonzola) with a nice espresso. Noe Valley Bakery makes many other recommendable items, such as an apricot-ginger bread, some delicious and chewy oatmeal-raisin cookies and of course many varieties of loaf bread.

Noe Valley Bakery
4073 24th St, between Noe and Castro

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