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Leftovers: Stamp out hunger

StampsThe Postal Service (the people who deliver your mail, not the band) issue new stamps commemorating indigenous crops of the American Southwest: Peppers, beans, sunflowers, squash and corn. (Thanks, Anita)

Speaking of delivery, never wonder again what to have for dinner. hooks you up with all the local restos that deliver to your address. (via SFist)

Not in the mood for take out? Too poor to eat high on the hog? Look no farther than your cupboard for some low-fat, high-nutrition pet food. You’ve had worse things in your mouth, seriously.

Still hungry? Tuck into the world’s largest sandwich, weighing in at nearly 7,000 lbs. Besides the field of lettuce and tombstone-like slabs of ham and cheese, what really amazes me are those tremendous slices of bread. How’d they do that?

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