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29 down, 71 to go

Big day for dining die-hards: Today’s magazine section in the Chronicle is the annual roundup of the 100 Best Restaurants in the Bay Area. A quick perusal reveals that I have eaten at precisely 29 of them. Not bad, considering how far-flung some of the restos are, and that DPaul and I have been less than intrepid in our dining-out habits of late.

I doubt I’ll ever see the inside of all 100 restaurants, but the list does whet my appetite for new food adventures. I’m pleased to see Firefly has returned after dropping off the radar. I haven’t been there in years, so I guess it’s time to give them a chance again. I’m also pleased that some of my favorite restaurants — Incanto, Bocadillos, Delfina and Aziza leap to mind, not to mention the inevitable French Laundry — made the cut. But Chow? Ick.

My short list of restaurants to visit (some of which I can’t believe we’ve never been to yet):

Who’s hungry?

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