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Where to buy fish: Sun Fat

SunfatCertainly one of the greatest joys of San Francisco is access to incredible markets with great diversity and quality of product. I’m starting a Where to buy… category to capture my favorite places. It should come as little surprise that most if not all of these places will be in the Mission/Castro/Noe area, as that is radially the closest places to my home. It should come as even less surprise that most places will be in the Mission specifically, as there is just so much good stuff there.

Sun Fat, on Mission at 23rd, is without question my favorite fish market. They always stock an amazing selection of fresh, whole fish, always bright-eyed and fresh-smelling. The courteous and professional mongers will cheerfully filet or carve into steaks whatever fish you wish. There’s also a fine selection of bivalves, fresh crabs in season and more sizes of shrimp and prawns than you could ever need. Best of all, the place is immaculately clean, and the mongers always go to great lengths to make sure they do not handle your money with fishy hands.

Sun Fat Seafood Company
2687 Mission St (at 23rd)

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  1. For Great Fish, Go SunFat

    As much as we love Whole Foods Marketespecially for gluten-free eatingwere getting tired of the outrageous prices. This is particularly true for seafood. Were often hard pressed to find fish for less than $12 per pound (the …

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