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Where to buy cheese: 24th Street Cheese Company

24thstreetcheeseI like me some cheese, mmm hmm. And when I get the hankering for havarti, a craving for Cotswalds, the yen for…well, I can’t think of a cheese that begins with Y…I head straight to the 24th Street Cheese Company. Fully ten paces before entering the store your olfactories are assaulted with the combined funk of dozens of varieties of cheese, smelling (as the French say) like the feet of angels. The staff, while occasionally surly, is very knowledgeable and generally eager to make a recommendation, as long as you have a general idea of what you’re looking for. And while they do possess practically every kind of cheese known to mankind, they also offer a not-too-shabby wine selection, heavily focused on European and South American wines; caviar, roe and pâtés; an almost overwhelming number of condiments, spreads, jams, tapenads, and other gorgeous things in jars; bread; sausages; and probably lots of other things I have not yet found in the nooks and crannies of their massive shelves. Truly a gourmet haven.

24th Street Cheese Company
3893 24th St (between Vicksburg and Sanchez)

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  1. Yfennig – it’s a welsh cheese full of spicy little mustard seeds and ale. It’s really good – you reminded me of it. It’s know as Red Dragon these days, but I swear when I used to biuy it back in britain it was called Yfennig, though a quick internet search yielded me no proof that I am to be believed.

  2. Indeed, I myself have a missing cheese: In Bologna a couple years back, I had a loose, ricotta-like cheese called (as I recall) squerquerella, but no amount of googling will confirm my memory. They serve it as dessert with fig preserves. To die for!

  3. I’m sorry, but this cheese store sucks. They wrap their cheeses in plastic and they’re stored in a refrigerated case where you can’t see the quality of their cheese.
    Plus, the staff’s ‘surly’ness is enough to leave the store and never go back. They’re downright rude.

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