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Ricotta pie

RicottapieThis recipe comes from my great Aunt Margherita Pecora, heaven rest her soul. Aunt Margaret (as we Americanized kids called her) emigrated to the states from the Old Country as a young woman, and spent the remaining six decades or so of her life in Schenectady, NY. Yet somehow she retained an Italian accent so thick it sounded like she just stepped off the boat. She was the embodiment of the classic nonna — silver-haired, sweet, loving and eternally plagued with health problems. Aunt Margaret passed away about a month ago.

Her legacy lives on in this Italian cheesecake. It has a light, lemony flavor and a texture that is both creamy and slightly grainy. You’ll need a pie crust for this. Use whatever crust you are most comfortable with; storebought will do.

Ricotta pie
2 lbs ricotta
2 c. sugar
6 eggs (if the ricotta is very thick, add an extra egg)
juice and zest of 1/2 lemon

Beat together eggs and sugar. Add ricotta, lemon juice and zest and
beat until creamy. Line a 13×9 pan with pie crust, and fill with
ricotta mixture. Bake at 325ºF for one hour, or until filling is set.

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