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The week in recipes

I track maybe two or three dozen food blogs out there, and am always impressed with the quality and appeal of the food they’re dishing up. They provide me with tons of inspiration. This week, the following recipes really caught my eye:

Salad of Pain [2 Tasty Ladies]How could I not be tempted by a dish with that name? This Vietnamese-flavor salad of beef strips, cellophane noodles and cabbage is dressed with an ultra-spicy "dressing of pain." Mmm, hurts so good.

Beeramisu [101 Cookbooks]Again, you had me at the name. But I can see how a good stout can enhance the chocolate-coffee notes in this classic dessert.

Baked egg rolls [Albion Cooks]Between my genetic cholesterol problem and a friend’s recent trials with gall stones, I’ve been looking at lighter recipes again. Frying is so messy, anyway. This looks like a nice alternative.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Ice Cream [Hungry in Hogtown]Among the dishes showcased in Becks & Posh and Jam Faced‘s "What’s for Pud" event, this one just looked and sounded amazing. The Earl Grey Tea ice cream sounds pretty great, too.

Noodle with green garlic, shitake, and crab meat [Chez Pim]Pim’s blog is one of the best out there, and always makes me hungry. I’ll file this one along with the other low-fat, high-flavor recipes I’m accruing.

Wagashi sweets [Kung Foodie]Well, this one was from the week before. But just look at them! It’s like making jewelry out of food.

Lemon-yogurt fritters [Orangette]On second thought, screw that whole low-fat thing. Bring on the deep fat fryer for these little flavor bombs!

Vegan brioche [Vegan Lunch Box]This woman almost makes me want to go back to my vegetarian ways. Almost. I am neverendingly impressed with the miniature miracles she can make, all strictly vegan. I have to admit, those brioche look pretty close to the real deal. Hey, if her little one will eat it, I probably will too.

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