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Eat me: Peasant Pies

PeasantpiesI’ve got a housecleaner furiously tearing up my kitchen, a contractor tearing up my basement and a job interview this afternoon. So I’m not super incented to make myself much in the way of lunch. As I had to run out and get some keys cut, I made a small diversion to Peasant Pies for a quick nosh.

These toothsome, tiny tarts are our favorite portable food. We will frequently grab a few just before catching a cab to the airport. After all, you never know how long you’ll be trapped in an airport or, worse, on the plane, so it’s always good to be prepared. Peasant Pies come both sweet and savory, with ingredients ranging from meaty to vegan. And they’re all damn tasty. Today I chose the spicy eggplant, black olive and tomato and the flavor of the month, spicy broccoli. But I have yet to meet one of these I didn’t love. Best of all, two pies, which make for a satisfying lunch, set you back a mere five spot (plus a dime). Sweet!

Peasant Pies
4104 24th St (at Castro)
1039 Irving St (at 12th Ave)

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