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Mint juleps

Mintjulep_1Happy Derby Day! I kind of forgot about it, actually, which is odd for me and DPaul. So, congratulations to Barbaro, who won with 6:1 odds.

I did say something about posting a mint julep recipe, so here goes: The julep is basically the same thing as a mojito, only with bourbon instead of rum. Take several sprigs of fresh mint and muddle them in a cup with a teaspoon of fine sugar until fragrant. Add crushed ice, then 3 oz. of the best bourbon you can buy. I often top with a splash of club soda to lighten it up a bit. Garnish with more fresh mint.

When I want to make these for the masses, I make a slightly weak simple syrup of roughly 2:1 water to sugar. Once the sugar is dissolved, steep two teabags of mint tea and several fresh springs for several minutes. Strain and cool, then use approx. one ounce of the syrup to every three ounces of bourbon over ice. More or less to your taste of course.

Mint juleps are traditionally served in slightly flared silver or pewter cups. A nice touch if you have them (and we of course do), but a standard rocks or highball glass will do in a pinch. Or you can order yourself the collectible official glasses, emblazoned with all the previous winners and the current year’s logo.

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  1. mmm, that sounds so good right now. Is there a reason for those pewter cups, or is it all part of the luxurious image?
    There a very funny/inappropriate reference to this drink in Thank you for Smoking. Have you seen it? The Southern grandaddy of the tobacco industry is never seen without it, even has one placed on his casket!

  2. As far as I know, the only reasons for the silver cup are 1) luxury and 2) chill. But most people use glass (at best).
    Haven’t seen TYfS yet, but hear it’s great!

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