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Walk with me: Dogpatch and Potrero Point

Cimg1410For the next in our series of May walks with City Guides, we did the Dogpatch & Potrero Point tour. And what a glorious day for it! Under a sometimes baking sun, we strolled through this industrial yet entertaining neighborhood, learning a bit about the geology, geography, architecture and (occasionally sordid) history along the way. And, yes, we also got a gander at the Hell’s Angels headquarters too.

This is the kind of tour I love most — getting under the skin of a neighborhood whose history and appeal may not be immediately apparent. I also have a thing for industrial landscapes, so this tour worked for me on every level. If you want to take it, stay tuned for the summer schedule to see if it will be offered again then; otherwise you may have to wait until October.

More pics and notes after the jump.

Our cheerful and personable tour guide, Natalie.

Natalie and co-guide Sina at the old Esprit headquarters.

Across the street, several Pelton cottages, built for workmen. Starting price to build one of these came to about $850. Imagine.

An original nail from one of the cottages.

The MUNI workyard, shooting through the window. That’s the framework for a new cable car.

Blockaded street adjacent to the Hell’s Angels HQ.

And there it is. I won’t disclose the exact location, but it’s not really that hard to find.

The forces of gentrification are at work: Just For You Cafe, formerly of Potrero Hill, occupies an old boarding house/hotel just off 3rd Street on 22nd.

Sun and signage off 3rd St.

Dogpatch Saloon. There has always been a saloon in that location.

All that remains of Irish Hill, which once dominated Potrero Point.

Industrial buildings in the old Irish Hill location.

The original machine building of Union Iron Works.

Majestic cranes at the drydock slips.

Cimg1424Remember these? I wasn’t expecting one out here.

Docked cruise ships from Potrero Hill.

Downtown view from Potrero Hill.

DPaul waiting for the bus.

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  1. I can’t thank you enough for alerting me to this tour, Sean, it was great. I spent the afternoon at The Ramp (a great Dog Patch institution, drinking margheritas, salsa dancing in the sun and recalling the tales I’d learnt to those friends and neighbours who were too damn lazy to get out up and out of bed this morning. They are all amazed about the cabe car, especially.
    Great to meet you!

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