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Sheep thrills

I’m off to Kentucky to visit the in-laws. I’ll have limited Internet access for the next few days, so am likely to be dark until next week.

Saturday we’re heading to Owensboro to attend the International Bar-B-Q Festival, the oldest in the country. Whereas barbecue means pork throughout most of the south, or beef in Texas, Owensboro’s claim to fame is mutton. Makes sense to me — what better to do with stringy, gamey meat than to dry-roast it for hours on end, then slather it in pungent sauce?

You just know there will be pictures and much commentary. So stay tuned!

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  1. How jealous I am! As a Tennessee native, I’m a BBQ nut on every occasion, but I having spent much of my youth with family in Western Kentucky, I have a particularly soft spot for mutton. There’s a little place called Peke’s that does barbecued mutton and smoked, pepper-crusted hams that are delicious beyond all reason. Have a great time.

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