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Where to buy wine: Urban Cellars

UrbancellarsNow, there’s no shortage of places to buy wine in San Francisco or even, for that matter, here in Noe Valley. So that makes it all the harder for any of them to stand out. But hands down, my favorite wine shop is Urban Cellars, on 24th Street. Gotta love the whimsical sign out front (the most recent catchphrase pictured at left), for starters. Walid and Joel are cheerful, knowledgeable, helpful and all around good guys. My personal pick: Pick yourself up a bottle or six of the Salneval Rias Baixas AlbariƱo, an amazing bargain at $9.99 a bottle. I’ve been completely hot on Spanish wines since we  were there in 2001, and they just continue to develop and amaze. This little gem is bright, crisp with distinct pear and apricot notes. Excellent with seafood or just for sipping on a warm day. If we ever get one again.

Urban Cellars
3821 24th St (at Church)

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