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Good night, sweet Yoshio

My list of sushi places is suddenly one shorter: Yoshio Izumi, proprietor of hole-in-the-wall Izumi Sushi, has passed on. I’ve been going to Izumi for about 16 years now; it’s always been my favorite best-kept secret. Izumi was never the best sushi in town, nor the most innovative, but I always liked the atmosphere of the place. With nary eight tables, there was nevertheless always at least one free. Jazz music gently played over the crackling speakers, and the walls were adorned with a crazy mishmosh of Nipponiana and American holiday d├ęcor. The sushi selection was adequate, not expansive, but Yoshio served up a few hot dishes from the salamander in back that always pleased: Heavenly broiled oysters with a lemon creme; and age-nasu, a broiled stuffed eggplant appetizer.

I’m chagrinned to admit I hadn’t been to Izumi in possibly a year, and now it’s too late to go back. I’ll just have to find another mom-and-pop (or, in Izumi’s case, just pop) hole-in-the-wall sushi joint to fill that jones.

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  1. are you going to lead any City Guide walks in June-Sept especially on weekends or go on any then?

  2. The sushi bar in Anzu, in Hotel Nikko, is wonderful. You have to call to make sure Chef Takahashi is available–but it’s amazing. Have you been?

  3. Tejal: Nope, haven’t been. Will mark on (ever increasing) the to-do list!
    Ann: I am leading the Castro tour on July 16 and August 20, and the Mission Dolores tour on July 9. Hope you can join!

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