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Walk with me: Excelsior

originally uploaded by Sean Timberlake.

I’m a little behind in my blogging … but I had a lovely and relaxing weekend!

So Saturday turned out the be the last in my series of May’s CityGuides waking tours I vowed to take. For those who were keeping track, I did manage to take Mission Creek, Dogpatch, Russian Hill Stairways and this one.  I flaked on Bawdy & Naughty due to the immigration protests that day, postponed North Beach by Night to next month, and royally screwed up the date on Fairmount Hill, which seriously bummed me out. Oh well, October is but a few months away.

So, the Excelsior. Bluntly, I’ve been to more interesting neighborhoods. But it was a nice day and a pleasant walk, and guides Greg Pabst and his son John are enthusiastic boosters of this neighborhood. This is the primary thing I love about CityGuides — individuals sharing their personal love of the myriad aspects of our fair city.

The tour had its high points —  a few remarkable murals, the house where Jerry Garcia grew up and the still visible remnants of the old Islais Creek. It was worth the opportunity to explore this oft-overlooked corner of the city.

More photos at Flickr.

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