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Old unfaithful

This post is not about food, or recipes, or cooking, or drinking, or walking tours, or San Francisco and it is definitely not about living the good life. This morning as I was still in bed, DPaul came in and said we had no hot water. Even in my addled, semi-conscious state, the first thing that came to mind was, that can’t be good news. Ever the optimist, I suggested that maybe the pilot light had simply gone out on the water heater. But as I descended the back stairs and entered the basement, I heard a hissing noise and my heart sank.

Yup, our hot water heater died a magnificently gory death, its fluids pooling along the back wall of the basement. As we’ve been in the midst of a basement remodel project, we haven’t yet gotten shelving up on the walls, and so everything was sitting on the floor … toward the back of the basement.

Miraculously, the damage was minimal. There was some artwork that was damaged, unfortunately, but the important ones were either entirely or mostly untouched. The floor is mopped up, everything is dry, and we have a brand-spankin’-new 40-gallon hot water heater.

As it happens, I received a check for some contract work today. It came to about $4 more than it cost to deal with the hot water heater. Easy come, easy go.

That’s been my day. Haven’t really thought much about food, San Francisco, or walking tours. But I sure as hell do need a drink!

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