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Bench_press_lecreusetSo it’s been just over a month since Le Creuset rained from the skies. We didn’t waste any time putting these puppies to use — we seared up some flank steak on the skillet that very evening, and have used every piece several times since. But man, when that 41-lb box arrived, I had to schlep the thing all the way up to our third-floor walkup flat. Not that I didn’t already know this, but these things are heavy. Specifically, the 3-1/2-quart lidded buffet casserole is surprisingly hefty — the lid alone must weigh five pounds.

So while it may be true that food blogging makes you fat (and so far I cannot personally debunk that), Le Creuset pans at the very least offer some weight training as a tradeoff. Perhaps I can work up a whole exercise regiment using the pans, and even save a few bucks on gym dues.

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