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No, not television reruns, though they are of course also afoot. It’s just that, in the past few days, I just don’t have anything new and exciting to report. Yesterday we returned to Bouchaine, and today I had to grab a quick bite en route to a meeting so I grabbed a Peasant Pie. Hey, it can’t be new and exciting all the time, right? And anyway, anything good enough to merit blogging about in the first place bears repeating periodically.

Now, to be fair, unlike reruns, a revisit doesn’t have to mean an exact repeat. For yesterday’s trip to Bouchaine, we carted an entourage and ordered up their Table for Two service. So whereas last time it was all about deep analysis of the wines, this time it was at least as much about food, friends and frivolity in the Carneros sun. The only constants were the quality of the wine and the truly impeccable courtesy of the hospitality team there.

Who doesn’t need a little routine in their lives, anyway? If every day were completely new and different, life would be too unsettling. It’s the constancy of the everyday — your daily routines, your favorite restaurants, the meals you kick out on a regular basis — that make the other experiences all the more extraordinary.

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