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The Great (SF) Guacamole Hunt 2006

Big_avocadoI’m a little behind in discovering this, but the delightful Aunt Beep is on a mission (so to speak) to ferret out and quantify the best guac in LA. Oh girl, it’s on!

Now, I’m not really one of those people who looks down his nose at LA’s dining scene, and I’m certain there is exceptional Mexican fare down there. After all, it’s closer. But I do know that San Francisco can at least give them a run for their money.

And so I propose to do the same, rating restaurant guac by the same criteria: Size (in terms of price-to-value ratio); Consistency (chunky? smooth? slimy?); Whole Avocado (i.e., the whole experience — atmosphere, service, etc.); and Overall Taste (self-explanatory), culminating in a Final Score.

Right off the top of my head I know we need to hit up Maya and Colibri. Naturally this will also require some rummaging in the Mission (Papalote? El Castillito? Bueller?). Where else (other than at home)?

(Image stolen from found on Food Network’s site.)

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  1. I wouldn’t bother with Maya myself – personally – I had an unmemorable meal there, but maybe things are better now? How about tres agaves? I had a better time there but dont recall their guac in particular. In fact, embarassingly enough – the only guac of memory popping into my head was at a friend’s house. It was pure addiction. When I asked her where she got it she said costco. Basically – she got these plastic pouches of pureed guacamole and then diced fresh avocados into it to make it chunky and it was sublime. Reminds me of a Penn and Teller episode I just watched where people thinking they were dining in a fancy restaurant were fed cool whip and all sorts of cheap crap and they all lapped it up.

  2. What a great idea though — at the end of comparing the various highfalutin guacs, mix up a batch of guac-in-a-bag and see how it stacks up. I’m not above lowbrow food, lemme tell ya.

  3. I nominate the tableside guac at Colibri. Did we have it when we three went there?
    Another possibility is Mamacita. (And let me know if you want company 🙂 ) Disclaimer: I haven’t actually had their guac, but everything else there is pretty tasty.

  4. Indeed, we did have it, but I want to go back and try it again as part of this grand experiment. As for Mamacita — you’re on!

  5. The Great Guac Hunt: Mijita

    Damn that Aunt Beep for getting in her second installment of the Great Guac Hunt before I could! But I guess I can’t be too bitter. She did start this, after all. This week’s guest judge is my friend Andy,

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