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Herb-an gardening

We have no backyard to speak of, but we do have an exterior stairway in the back. As we are on the top floor, even the landing between our unit and the second floor is high enough that we get full sun pretty much all day.

But I finally decided to make use of all that sun power, otherwise going to waste, by planting a little herb garden. (All the better for this week’s Weekend Herb Blogging hosted this week on Absolutely Green!) Well, actually two. In these two diminutive boxes (I may add more later), I have just planted sweet basil, rosemary, sage, Greek and Italian oregano and silver thyme. Because of the limited space available, I may never manage to farm enough herbage to make, say, pesto, but it will be nice to have the ability to take a pinch of something here and there whilst cooking. For a little added color, DPaul also composed a little box of flowers at the top, which we can enjoy from the kitchen, bedroom and office. More shots after the jump.


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  1. Thanks — one thing I learned for sure in Italy is that nothing compares to basil plucked fresh from the earth. I think I’ll expand out another box and dedicate it entirely to basil!

  2. The herbs look great. You’re lucky to have a spot that gets sun all day long. I agree, a whole box of nothing but basil would be wonderful. It’s actually quite easy to grow from seeds, if you’re patient. (I usually have to get a couple of plants too, just to get the basil season started.)

  3. Nice start on a herban garden. btw, if you prune/pinch back the rosemary and sage, they will both branch enough to allow you to get some serious growth out of small plants.

  4. Thanks — I’m pinching everything to encourage bushier rather than leggy growth. A couple years ago I had great success with a pot of basil in my office window — I was harvesting so much and so often, I got sick of pesto.

  5. I stumbled upon this old post and can’t help but comment. Those are some very lovely herbs. It was nice that you thought of using all that sun and not be hindered by lack of a backyard space. I’ve even seen some who grow herbs on their rooftops. I’m a herb enthusiast myself, and have grown herbs both indoors and outdoors (blessed with a small space outside).
    Here’s my site BTW: Home herb garden
    Thanks for sharing your herb gardening adventure.

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