Eat me (if you can): Brother Juniper’s Wild Rice and Onion Bread

I’ve been a big fan of Brother Juniper’s breads for years. I like pretty much all the varieties, but most especially the Wild Rice and Onion. It has the perfect density, a nice balance of earthiness from the wild rice and sweetness from the onion. It toasts beautifully, is porous enough to absorb condiments or eggs for French toast and is even good straight out of the bag.

It has always been difficult to find. Of the three or four places I know that sold it, it was always the first to sell out, so we would stock up with two loaves every chance we got. But now, it has gone from difficult to find to outright impossible. Evidently, Alvarado Street Bakery used to distribute for them, but now they’ve dropped them. So every place we used to buy Brother Juniper’s suddenly has a bountiful supply of Alvarado Street, which I don’t really care for, myself.

Sure, I could run out and buy the cookbook and make the stuff myself, but I’m not much of a baker, and besides that’s not the point. If anyone has further insight into the breakup between Alvarado Street and Brother Juniper’s, or better yet has a tip on where to find this bread now, I am all ears and tastebuds.

  • Penny

    Brother Juniper’s wild rice & onion bread is available at Real Foods on Polk St./Broadway. Unfortunately, they do not carry the Struan variety. Does anyone know where that can be purchased in SF?

  • Oh I heart you! Being a Noe Valley resident, I really dislike Real Foods, but will look the other way in this one case.

  • JB

    Hi… Alvarado Street Bakery is a worker owned & operated co-op who has been supplying the Bay Area with organic breads for 25+ years. I called Alavardo to see why I could not find the B.Juniper’s; they were given notice when BJ’s had found another company to deliver their breads.
    Naturally Alvarado will stock more of their own breads- they’re no longer carrying Juniper’s on their trucks. Duh!
    Ever since Brother Peter sold the B. Juniper’s label and recipes over a decade ago, the bread integrity is a mere shadow of what it once was.
    Don’t dog Alavardo St. – they make great stuff with organic ingredients. Brother Juniper’s bread tastes like dirt anyway.

  • dk

    It doesn’t taste like dirt, JB. And shouldn’t you be getting to the bank to cash you Alvarado St paycheck, hmm?
    I too have watched Juniper Bros leave all my stores…first CalMart, then Safeway, first the California St Whole Foods, and today…..arrrgh! The SF Fourth St WF is now devoid of it. If anyone knows anything other than Real Foods, please please!


    Good Life Grocery on Cortland avenue carries it….It’s good stuff and I can’t find it anywhere else.

  • They’re carrying it now at Church Produce on Church/30th as well!

  • They’re carrying it now at Church Produce on Church/30th as well!
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