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We need to talk

I have a confession to make. I admit I’ve been a little less than consistent in my posting of late. I never meant to ignore you. But secretly, on the down low I’ve been posting on another site. In fact, though I have yet to hit the 200th post on Hedonia, in the last two months I’ve made over 250 posts behind your back.

You see, I had to keep it a secret. They made me. But it’s time for me to come clean, to confess my duplicitous behavior.

I’ve been blogging for a new site, ThisNext, calling out fellow food, drink and (to a lesser extent) LGBT bloggers who exemplify our mission. We’ve been in a closed, private beta for the last month, but the site is now live, unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

ThisNext is all about better living through better products. You pick products that you love, or want, or cannot live without; you can then syndicate them via "shopcasts" — see that badge in the upper right corner? That’s what it’s about. You can get one, too.

It’s been great fun and very interesting working with this site, and I’m very excited to see where it goes. And I’m happy that I can now be open about it.

I’m sorry I went behind your back. It won’t happen again. Please baby, please baby, baby, baby, please. Don’t leave me. I can change.

Update: By popular request (OK, one person asked), you can subscribe to the feed of all Food/Drink postings, which is pretty much all me. Check it out

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  1. It would be nice if ThisNext had RSS feeds for particular writers on the blog…I’d like to read your posts there but if everyone’s as prolific as you’ve been I doubt I’d be able to keep up with one massive feed!

  2. Sean, I want you to know I have been reading other bloggers, too… I didn’t realize that we had an excusive relationship. 😀

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