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I am a star

You loyal readers, of course, already knew that. But maybe what you didn’t know was that I am also a blogging ninja, hack poet and ice cream addict. And you thought you knew everything about me!

We ThisNext bloggers have been profiling prolific users of the product, but one of us — Aunt Beep, she of the Great Guac Hunt — has turned the tables and is interviewing each of us in turn. Check out my star-turn interview on the ThisNext blog.

And if you’re visiting from NPR, NYT or Gourmet, please feel free to contact me for further interview opportunities. We’ll do lunch.

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  1. Oh, great… now you’ll start hanging out with all your celebrity friends, name-checking the Hilton sisters and showing up on Daily Dish. 😛

  2. Sean, I read it this morning and I’m TOUCHED!! You are such a sweet person (at least it looks that way, I can’t be sure before I meet you though…)and I just have to thank you! So here it goes-Thank you!

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