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Best Martha moment

These fabulous Bloody Finger Cookies over at BLOGHUNGRY reminded me of my favorite Martha moment ever. Back on her old show, pre-incarceration, she did a whole Halloween episode where she made similar severed extremity confections, laid out on a loamy grave plot of ground Oreos, a big punchbowl full of "blood" and so forth. Toward the end of the episode they trot out the neighborhood (or more likely staff’s) tots in predictable costumes: Ghost, witch, mummy. Martha tries plying the kids with these gruesome goodies, and they’re just not having anything to do with it. Exasperated, Martha pours a cup of punch and hands it to the little girl, saying in her snippiest voice, "Here, witch, have some blood." I love evil Martha.

Happy Halloween, my groovy ghoulie friends.


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