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New feature: Google Map!

If I’ve been a little bit silent of late, it is at least in part because I got sidetracked building a nifty new feature for the blog. Using, I have catalogued all my past postings by geographic location, at least the ones that have a location.

While this makes for a handy tool and a convenient way to navigate through restaurant reviews, product sources and other locations of note, it does also happen to illustrate how small my universe truly is. You’ll notice an astonishingly dense cluster of markers along 24th Street, Church Street and along the Valencia Corridor, with occasional pockets downtown. And the Ferry Building is home to several discrete posts all on its own.

Then again, try panning out. A little more … a little more … you may find a few surprises out there.

I’ve added a link to this in the left bar under the About section for easy reference. I think I’ve got it mostly arranged, but have some ideas yet on how to improve it. For example, I may establish a color-coding system to demark restaurants versus shops and other venues. But for now, check it out and click around to tour San Francisco through my virtual eyes.

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