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They like me! They really like me!

Badgetpfeaturedweblogv4 Hedonia is today’s TypePad Featured Blog! I got wind of this a couple days ago, and was all atitter. Until I saw the actual post. Now I’m all a-blush. I won’t republish the entire post here, but my cheeks went red from the first sentence, "Hedonia is either the food blog of an exceptional person or the personal blog of an exceptional foodie, we’re not sure."

I’m not sure, either, but I’ll happily take the praise they heap upon my humble project.

So what are you waiting for? Go read the post!

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  1. Congrats, Sean! My blog was featured in August, and I made lots of new friends as a result. I wish you the same — lots of new friends, and continued success. Your blog is always a joy to read.

  2. Wow, LOVE YOUR BLOG! Found it on typepad…. we will absolutely add you to our bay area blog roll!
    Jill Asher
    Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Moms Blog (where we LOVE to eat, cause we are moms…. and well, that is what moms sometimes do!)
    BTW, let us know if you have any “child” freindly recipes!

  3. Oh greeeaattt! Now you are gonna’ get a big head and famous and lofty and you’ll ignore all us miniscule foodettes and instead wine and dine with heads of state and celebrity chefs. We’ll just continue to leave comments here that will be reviewed by your personal assistant and we’ll share stories of “the good ole days.”

  4. Great! I’m happy more people get to know about you Hedonians. Do you know that you are really one of the very few who write restaurant reviews that I enjoy reading?! I usually find that so boring but not yours, I read every one of them!

  5. Thanks to all for the love bomb — it came as a wonderful counterpoint to taking an unscheduled trip to be with my mother who had surgery yesterday morning. (She’s OK, but I’m just hanging out and helping her around the house.)
    I’m thrilled to see so many new names and their respective blogs. My horizons are greatly expanded.
    Aiste, I think I’m in love with you — a fashion model-slash-foodie? Where have you been my whole life?
    Jennifer, don’t worry, I will never forget the “little people.” (And I hope the irony of me referring to you as such is not lost on you.)
    Kevin, I’ll have my assistant reply to your posting within 2-4 business days.
    Jill, I hope that most of my recipes are palatable enough to kids of all ages, but I’m no expert in kid-friendly food.
    Ilva, that’s very flattering, especially since you ar 7000 miles away from any of these restaurants.

  6. Found your site looking for a rice cooker!
    Can’t wait to try your recipes. Lover of Le Creuset

  7. Congratulations Sean! No surprise to ME that they like you, but then I’m a member of the “we loved you first” club. 🙂 Validation is neat.

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