Eat me: Starr Ridge hors d’oeuvre crackers


Whilst extolling the joys of McQuade’s Celtic Chutneys, I referred to enjoying them with crackers and an unremarkable cheddar. Ah, but I was playing a card close to the vest. You see, the crackers were not so pedestrian.

I’ve been a big fan of Starr Ridge hors d’oeuvre crackers for several years ago, since they began carrying them at Bi-Rite Market when I lived around the corner. They have a wonderful, substantial heftiness, and a rustic wheaty flavor that remains neutral enough not to interfere with whatever you’re serving them with. They come in a variety of flavors, mostly herbal, some more successful than others. Personally, I think the Rosemary Parmesan and Olive Oil are no-fail complements to all manner of cheeses, charcuterie, pickles, fresh fruit and, well, chutneys. Keeping a smattering of these things on hand makes for easy, instant entertaining when friends drop by … and once in a while subs in for a full meal after a long day.

  • The black pepper variety Starr Ridge crackers are a staple in my pantry. Good stuff. Great with goat cheese, which also seems to be a staple! And you already know how I feel about McQuade’s chutney. I hear Alison has been making some plum and black pepper chutney at the moment, can’t wait to try it.

  • I LOVE those crackers. And ryc: I know! Right? My Italian family still doesn’t get that chicken counts as meat. They figure if I’m a vegetarian, that means I don’t eat beef, end of story. I’m sure my upcoming trip to Europe will spell my downfall.

  • I’ll have to look for these crackers. They sound great. Of course here they’ll be $10 a box. Miltons makes a good seeded cracker, we get them at Costco. However, they can be too flavorfull for some uses.
    I’ve been on a lavosh/lavash kick for a couple of years. They’re expensive so I’ve taken to making my own. They’re easy, if time consuming, to make.
    Jenn: Where are you going in Europe? I think some countries will be a lot easier for you. Italy & France would be easier than Germany & Spain.

  • Amy: Yes, the black pepper ones are also excellent. I, too, am looking forward to her plum/pepper — she mentioned it to me after the post!
    Jenn: Oooh — where are you going? If it includes Spain, abandon all hope now. (Just as Scott says)
    Scott: Perhaps I can send a few boxes your way? I’m not sure if they’ll endure the humidity of your environment so well though.

  • Duff

    Rosemary Parmesan is the perfect background for homemade hummus with a strong dash of lemon juice…just sweet!