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The Eatsdropper


Introducing a new (and hopefully regular) feature on Hedonia, inspired by a conversation between several food bloggers at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market (surely the best place to run into all your favorite online foodie sublebrities, myself included). We got talking about the little snippets of conversation that
are overheard at the market, in restaurants or are otherwise
food-related that, when taken out of context, are funny, gross,
alarming or just plain random, à la SFist’s Yvesdroppings feature. I’ve always found great amusement in these little insights into people’s lives, and decided it would make a fun feature. And so without further ado, I present the inaugural edition of The Eatsdropper:

Man: "Did you see those tomatoes?"
Woman: "I almost made love to those tomatoes!"

-Eatsdropped by Tea at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market

Vendor: "Yeah, ’cause shipping ten pounds of ground beef to New York just isn’t in my business plan."

-Eatsdropped (also) by Tea at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market

Diner, gesturing toward his own loins upon considering a tuna loin entrée:
"How can a tuna have a loin?"

-Eatsdropped by Anita at The Blue Plate

Father, loudly to son and daughter-in-law across the table:
"So when was the last time you had sex?"

-Eatsdropped by Joy at Terzo

Dude, walking with buddy, slaps his own belly: "I’m a carb boy!"

-Eatsdropped by yours truly on Sansome Street

Overheard something that made you giggle, gasp or gag? Send it my way at eatsdropper at seantimberlake dot com. The rest of you, watch what you say. On second thought, don’t.

One year ago today … it was all about fig bread and butterflies. And no, that’s not a Dolly Parton album.

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  1. Overheard at the Marin Civic Center Market:
    “What are these?”
    “They’re peas.”
    “What do you do with them?”
    [insert audible “oy”]

  2. Overheard at the Ferry Building farmers market:
    Woman to male companion: “Well we can’t take the BART home because the feng shui is all wrong.”

  3. Haha, this is a great idea! Unfortunately, Yvesdroppings @ SFist seem to come rather rarely these days, so it’ll be fun to read these too. I hope I hear something soon to write in 🙂

  4. Garrett, I think you may have been listening in on MY conversation about rhubarb.
    Because rhubarb = all kinds of yuck!

  5. Here’s one from me and my friends yesterday:
    “How can they [the Bi-rite Creamery] get us all addicted to their ice cream–and then CLOSE on Wednesdays?”
    So unfair (sniff).

  6. The same guy who said “how can a fish have a LOIN?” asked the waiter what guanciale was. When the waiter said “oh, it’s a pancetta sort of thing, made from cured hog jowl”, the guy exclaimed, “Ew! I’m going to try not to think about that while I eat!”. At which point, Cam whispered: “Oh, he’s going to *love* it when my marrow bones arrive!”

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