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The Eatsdropper doesn’t like things too stinky

Cheers to Jen Maiser for the shoutout on Bay Area Bites this morning, and to those of you who have wended your way here as a result, welcome!

Only a couple items this week, and one of them a spotting. Remember, there’s more to ears than corn and cauliflower. Keep sending your tidbits in to eatsdropper-at-seantimberlake-dot-com. I’ll, like, totally be your best friend.

He: Gorgonzola? Is that like one of those stinky cheeses?   
She: Yes it’s really rich and great.   
He: I don’t like things too stinky.   
She: For real?  I didn’t know that about you and we’ve been dating a long time.   
He: So?   
She: This changes things.

– Eatsdropped by Jeanne at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market

Stenciled in block letters on an otherwise unmarked white delivery truck:

-Spotted by yours truly on 18th near Folsom

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  1. I don’t blame her. It’d be tough to get along with someone who doesn’t enjoy the finer cheeses in life.

  2. Thanks for the morning laugh. I agree with Dough–don’t think I could date someone who didn’t like stinky cheese!!

  3. Yeah, she is definitely in the right here on this. If he doesn’t eventually come around to the correct way of thinking on stinky cheese, she probably should just move on and call it a day.

  4. I eventually divorced my second husband when he started buying bottled RANCH dressing and asking me to separate the salad before tossing it with my home made vinaigrette. Certain bottled dressings I might have been able to tolerate, but ranch was indicative of an outlook on life that was so alien that it seemed we could no longer live under the same roof!

  5. Um, yeah — it’s one thing to have an intolerance for stinky cheeses (though that is something I cannot abide by), but it’s altogether another to turn up your nose at your wife’s homemade food for store-bought pap. Better off without him!

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