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What’s in a fridge?

Thanks to Sam, everyone is gleefully exposing the unedited contents of their fridge. When I presented this notion to DPaul, his first question was, can we clean it out first? The answer is, of course, no.

Taking this photo was an amusing challenge, as our door does not stay open on its own. So in order to get enough distance to include both the fridge’s innards and the open door, I had to brace myself against the opposite counter, propping the door open with my right toes in some tortured form of kitchen yoga.

I opted not to show the contents of the freezer because, well, it needs to be cleaned out. As we have a bottom-mounted freezer, the view is directly down, and looks like nothing more than a jumble of freezer bags. You can’t even see the ice cream maker attachment, waiting for its chance to whip up some frozen treat.

In reviewing the contents of the fridge, I surprised myself at just how many things in the immediate range of visibility are not food for us, but for Reese. Spoiled much? I’m also a little surprised that there is not one bottle of wine, sparkling or beer in there. Certainly an anomaly.

For the fully annotated tour of our fridge, visit the Flickr page.

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  1. mmm i spot a container of the world’s best store bought guacamole. the name escapes me (senor sanchez? something like that right? haha) but it is always sooo good.

  2. Hey, we have the same fridge! That’s a good idea to take out one of the drawers–I have one that doesn’t close very smoothly, going to go get rid of it right now.
    No wine? How did THAT happen?

  3. your fridge is so…tidy! and i love all the homemade food and i second Tea’s observation–I really like that you took out one of the drawers.

  4. Jess: Casa Sanchez, yessir. Not as good as homemade, but close enough!
    Tea: DPaul was inspired to take out that drawer. We find that because the freezer is bottom-mounted, the crisper drawers were useless for veg because everything would get frost-kissed. So now it’s the coldest part of the fridge, perfect for beverages and meats. As for the wine … I guess we must have drank it all. 🙂
    c(h)ristine: Tidy? Oh my… my other half would disagree. Of course the photograph is a little forgiving in that it doesn’t showcase the dirty shelves.

  5. I am feeling very self-conscious about how messy my fridge looks!
    Oh, and I’m bummed I missed the walk on Sat. It never made it on my planner, and then things were stupidly planned over that time. I forget what my promise was – 4 in 6 months? I’d better get moving.

  6. Shuna: Yoga with eggbeaters … I’m scared for my personal safety.
    Jen: You were missed, but there were 42 others to take your place. Another time, for sure!
    Cenk: And likewise — the blogosphere is just too big to track all the good blogs out there. But I’m glad to have found you now.

  7. so many fridges, so little time to check them all out! Thank you for taking the challenge and running with it x

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