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The Eatsdropper turns wine into vinegar

The wee eatsdroppings I feature on the site have a certain acontextual charm, but if you want a good, roaring larf, head on over to Vanilla Garlic to be a virtual fly on the wall for an exceptional overheard convo. That said, keep sending those acontextual charms over to eatsdropper-at-seantimberlake-dot-com. Mwah!

Diner: "The reason we decided to come here is because it’s in the top 100"

– Eatsdropped by Sam at Fringale

Israeli SF resident to visiting Israeli friend, waving dismissively toward Della Fattoria:
"That bakery? I’m not familiar with them."

– Eatsdropped (in Hebrew) by Shelly at the Ferry Building

A no-doubt adorable 10-year-old Cookiecrumb:
"When I grow up, I’m going to have a Drambuie faucet in my house."

– Recounted by the Cookie herself, on her first taste of Drambuie

Husband to wife:
"You know how Jesus turned water into wine? Well, your mother turns wine into vinegar."

– Eatsdropped anonymously (I wonder why …)

One year ago today …
I was sheepless in Kentucky.

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  1. Great eatsdroppings! My own favourite was from someone who left a comment in response to an unusual food item we blogged about, it’s not pretty but it was funny at the time “Excuse me, but I think I threw up a little in my mouth” – I would be overly familiar with that feeling if I had a drambuie forcet. Or tap, as they’re commonly known in the UK.

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