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Something widget this way comes

Frequent visitors to Hedonia may notice something new in the right column:  I’ve added a new widget featuring a site near and dear to my heart. TasteSpotting was started by my friends Jean of NOTCOT and Sarah of The Delicious Life, both of whom I worked with at ThisNext. Part of the NOTCOT network of sites, TasteSpotting is delicious visual snacking for the food enthusiast on the go. It’s food meets design meets porn meets pure ADD instant gratification pleasure. I highly recommend it. And so do any number of others.

I’m a frequent poster myself, having put more than 150 delectable images up for rapid consumption, and you can play along, too. It’s free, it’s fast and it’s fun. And wouldn’t you like to put up a widget of your own, to showcase how cool and savvy you are? Of course you would.

They say you eat with your eyes, and thanks to TasteSpotting, my eyes are big as houses. 

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  1. Very cool and, why yes, I do want to put up a widget of my own. How did you know?! 🙂 Love your blog, love the widget.

  2. I too love the widget and got inspired to post to tastespotting. I did some self promotion and got more hits on my blog today than the whole history before today.

  3. I think you are (were?) my first tastespotting-to-go widgeter! Thanks for spreading the word!
    And these comments have me absolutely giddy too ~ happy that Scott managed to get more hits than the whole history before today, hehe.
    TasteSpot on!

  4. As a frequent reader of your site as well as Tastespotting – I have to say I LOVE this widgit! Just added it to our blog! Thank You!!

  5. I don’t like Taste Spotting because they don’t credit the photographer. It makes it look like the submitter took the picture. My pictures are copyrighted on my blog, and it states my pictures may not be altered or used with out crediting my name and a link to my blog. However, they crop my photos to remove my copyright signature and post them without crediting me in the text. It’s also a commercial site and my copyright states my pictures may not be used for commercial use.
    I did complain and I am not sure – maybe my pictures are not submitted anymore because I wasn’t happy with it. Before people submit pictures they should certainly check the copyright terms of the person whose picture they are submitting. I am certainly not comfortable with it at all.

  6. Hey Sam — I certainly cannot argue with your logic, and TS is definitely of the mindset that it’s easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission. Myself, I have rather a Web 2.0 mentality about asset rights. I would be very upset if someone took my images or content wholesale and represented it as their own, especially if they were making money off it. Tastespotting sits in a slightly different space, though. It’s a conduit, a promotional vessel and a way to increase exposure to a broader audience.
    But your points are valid — perhaps we should look into ways of enforcing at least attribution. I’ll mention it to Jean and Sarah.

  7. I was wondering about Tastespotting from another point of view, when I go there to take a look it seems to me that it’s mostly a place where to promote your own blog, a place to ping a new post so to speak, very few (unlike you) seem to be interested in promoting the interesting and/or beautiful things they find when surfing the food blog community. And this makes it less interesting a site I think.But maybe I’m wrong.

  8. Sean – you rock, as always, thanks for the tastespotting love.
    As for Sam’s response, she has the same comment over at Jennifers, so i’ve responded to those points and i’ll also try to drop her an email soon! Because we’re really about the love of gorgeous food, and sharing great links you find in the food related genre – and isn’t a picture from the destination site just a far prettier and more engaging way to browse links instead of tiny text?
    As for Ilva’s comment – YES! Please post more that isn’t just self promotional. Infact many of the posts (including what sam was mentioning, where others who loved her posts posted hers, and used her image) were other people posting about great reads they were finding around the internet… looking closely, a lot of users submit things from food blogs they look up to, newspapers, and even great products. And naturally some of our users are incredible food bloggers, so they share their own as well.

  9. Oh wow! thanks for the tip! I’ve been frequenting tastespotting for a while now, totally love it, & so it’ll make my life easier if I have the widget on my site & keep up with it that way! 😉

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