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The Eatsdropper wants it tempura-ized

I mean, really, isn’t everything better tempura-ized? Keep sending in your flash-fried tidbits to eatsdropper-at-seantimberlake-dot-com.

Manager, setting a plate of pasta in front of woman diner with a flourish:
    "Your tag-li-a-tell"
Woman, wide-eyed, waits until he is out of earshot and whispers to her dining partner:
    "I don’t think he said that right."

– Eatsdropped by Sam at Zuppa

Jewish BLT eater: "I stabbed my lip with a piece of bacon today. It was so biblical."

– Eatsdropped by Shelly in her home

Diner, to server, pointing to item on menu: "Can you tempura-ize that?"

– Eatsdropped by yours truly at Eiji

One year ago today … I confessed my infidelity to you. But don’t worry. It’s over between us now.

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  1. I had a waitress in a swanky Vancouver correct me once when I ordered tagliatelle.
    Her: “Wha?”
    Me: “The tah-(l)yah-TEL-eh”
    Her: “Oh, you mean the TAG-lee-ah-TELLY?”
    She was also the one who told Cameron that he must’ve ordered the Belgian beer (which came in a large bottle) because he wanted to get “hammered fast”. 8|

  2. This Eatsdropper gig is genius! Nice idea! Love all the quotes….especially the Jewish BLT eater’s. Haha. I never go near bacon.

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