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Where To Buy Spanish Stuff: The Spanish Table

Where to buy Spanish stuff: The Spanish Table

A major part of planning is shopping, and a major part of shopping is knowing where to shop.

While the grocery list for our Iberian dinner contained plenty of items that were easily gathered in one morning’s visit to the Ferry Building — produce at the farmer’s market, pork from Golden Gate Meats, clams from San Francisco Fish Company — there were some particular items special to Spain that we needed to source separately. I could probably have found it all by scouring the city and buying a little here, a little there, but I saw no reason to when we have a place like The Spanish Table just across the bridge in Berkeley.

The Spanish Table is an astonishingly comprehensive emporium of all things Iberian: Manchego, cabrales, jamon serrano, lomo, marcona almonds (blanched or roasted and salted), angulas, bacalao, piquillos, padrones, and of course sardines are just a few of the items at your fingertips. The array of olive oils, sherry vinegars and of course wines, sherries, madeiras and ports is dizzying. Luckily, the friendly and courteous staff is eager to help you navigate those waters.

We stocked up on meats and cheeses, bought almonds and sherry vinegar for the gazpacho, and picked a couple sherries to pair with various courses. Our mighty haul wasn’t exactly cheap, but still less expensive than airfare to Madrid, so all good.

Not in the Bay Area? Why, check out their flagship location in Seattle or satellite store in Santa Fe. Or, just shop online.

The Spanish Table
1814 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

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  1. Thanks for doing a write up on The Spanish Table. I have heard good things about it, but have never been. I live in Santa Rosa and recently had an awesome excursion to the Berkeley Bowl. Such exciting culinary adventures to be had in the bay area.

  2. Oh, and you’re pretty close to their Mill Valley location then, which I’ve not been to. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts should you go.

  3. Hey, I’ve been to the Corte Madera/Mill Valley-ish location! It’s great. They even had pimentos de padron last week…
    They’re just across the “plaza” from a fabulous doggie store (big props) and there’s a candle store on the corner (Mill Valley Candleworks) that makes an amber-scented candle that I am deeply in love with.
    A plus.

  4. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Thanks for pointing it out!
    Please tell me they sell Vichy Catalan.

  5. SK: Luckily you can!
    Jennifer: Yay, good to know the Marin store rates as well.
    Jeremy: Yes! I noticed it specifically.
    Jenn: Yes, yes you will. Trust me.

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