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The city of dreams

Ack, it’s been over a month since the dinner party I keep trying to write about, and you’ve been patiently waiting for weeks for the next course. The service in this joint has gone way down, I tell ya.

As much as I’d like to say I’ll be spending this weekend regaling you with details of dinner and entertaining tips, we are about to schlep to the airport for a hit-and-run trip to the Windy City. It’s a spontaneous little jaunt I conjured up for our anniversary — the 14th, thanks for asking.

Saturday night, on our anniversary proper, we are dining someplace vurrry special. Any guesses? There’s a subtle hint in this post.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!
    If you get the opportunity, please try to visit Toby Maloney’s new place, The Violet Hour in Wicker Park. I’d love to get a report, as I’m not going to get a chance to visit myself until the holidays.
    We had a great meal at Charter House the last time we were in Chicago. Definitely recommendable.

  2. Sean – Though I eagerly anticipate your write up of the dinner party, I am just as happy to wish you and DPaul a gorgeous and happy anniversary (Eric and I celebrated our 9th while I was back in the States, which was particularly lovely).

  3. I’ll make everyone happy by confirming that we did in fact eat at Alinea. Unbelievable. I’ll be writing my notes on it. Shaun, congrats to you both as well! And Erik, we almost went to Violet Hour on recommendation from Marcia/Tablehopper, but just could not fit it in. So much to see and do in Chi-town. Another trip, for sure.

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