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I have good friends

Last weekend, my darling husband hosted a cocktail party in my honor of my thirty-somethingth birthday. I had a lovely time, mingling with my bestest friends and nibbling on nummy noshes courtesy of DPaul. I received several lovely gifts, but chief among them was Anita stepping in to act as mixologist extraordinaire. She had two signature house cocktails at the ready, carefully sidestepping my patent dislike for both gin and orange. One, the refreshing and complex Rosemary Five, immediately became my new favorite cocktail. That is, until I tasted the second: The Oh, Henry, which she has now posted as the most recent Drink of the Week. Now, we love us some bourbon, and the combination with Benedictine and a good, strong ginger ale elevates it to new heights; the star anise garnish does so much more than merely decorate as well. Do go check it out, and enjoy one as much as I did, and still do. Anita gave me the gift not only of a housefull of well-watered friends, but of two newfound favorite tipples as well. Who could ask for more?

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  1. Thanks, Jennifer — I’ve decided that life begins at thirty-something. (Just ask Jen Maiser!) And having my own personal bartender is definitely the good life.
    Anita, I’m glad you enjoyed being the delivery mechanism! 🙂

  2. Yeah Scorpios! I love their passion and fire, sharpness and, in turn, loving directed nature. Of course I’m biased, I’m a pisces…
    happy belated birthday!
    Perhaps soon you will let me feed you some birthday sweets.

  3. I’m glad you had a good thirty something birthday!! Birthdays always make you appreciate the people around you and I’m glad you do 🙂

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