Good Friday! Sit!

Last year on Good Friday we brought home a baby girl. One lunar year later, we’re still as proud and beaming parents as we were then. Today we celebrate her "birthday." Laissez les bone temps rouler!

  • Very cute. Is it a Min-Pin by any chance? My brother has the most adorable Min-Pin named Dr. Love.

  • Happy Reese-ster! Thanks for sending home our parents smelling like other dogs… we’re totally high off the fumes of that chew-bone.

  • Kalyn: Well, she was listed as min pin but the more people we talk to, we believe she is Manchester Terrier mix. She definitely has terrier attitude!
    A&B: Reese sends wet, stinky kisses! 🙂

  • Pam

    Love the expression on her face – she loves and trusts the photographer.

  • Ay! She is so cute! I love orange markings on dark fur, especially eyebrows. So expressive.