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Bay Area Real Foodies


Introducing Bay Area Real Foodies

San Francisco, CA, April 1, 2008 — In a metropolitan area renowned for its culinary excellence, a new community of those who pursue it has arisen: Bay Area Real Foodies (BARF).

Ralph Hurlbut, president, extolls the group’s virtues: "With BARF, you get to experience what others have experienced, share each other’s tastes," expounds Farquhar. "BARF is a culinary melting pot, an explosion of colors and flavors from around the Bay Area."

The group’s entry criteria are stringent. Prospective members must undergo intense screening to demonstrate their epicurean prowess. "BARFers are authoritarian. They know which pecorino tastes most like cheese, that skinny asparagus has more flavor, where to find vermouth-aged cheddar or Italian baloney, all about the antioxidant as opposed to flavor benefits of blueberries. We want only the crème de la crème in BARF."

Monthly BARF mixers allow members to mingle. "They’re great, like culinary think-tanks where people get together and yack to their hearts’ content," expounds Hurlbut. "BARFers are serious about food, but like to have fun, too. Someone’s always got a gag up their sleeve."

To learn more about BARF, call 415/555-BARF or check out their website.

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  1. This is pretty good! You actually had me going until I clicked …of course I *was* reading it the day after…

  2. Oh how fun! If something like BARF started down here, it would be OCRF (Orange County Area Foodies). It doesn’t sound as fun and clever. We’re gonna have to move up there just for the name! 🙂

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