Good morning


Squash blossom frittata with spring garlic, anyone? Yes, please. What, you want a recipe? Uh, how about some eggs; a mess of grated parmigiano; your blossoms (chopped, with a few whole reserved for effect) and garlic; dash of salt, pepper and Tabasco; a little too much butter; and a painter’s eye for drama. Easy enough to do on a languorous Sunday morning.

  • jo

    Oh how I love squash blossoms….and indeed quite a nice affect.

  • Beautiful! That’s a perfect Sunday lunch dish — nothing more needed. Well, maybe a chilled white wine….

  • Great use of the squash blossoms!

  • Whoo Ee! It is beautiful.
    I was thinking of a crepe affair with embedded squash blossoms, but…

  • can you come over tomorrow morning and make that for breakfast, please?

  • EB

    I almost nabbed a bunch of squash blossoms at the farmer’s market but I didn’t know what I would do with them. Now I’m kicking myself. Wayyy gorgeous.

  • Gorgeous!
    Agreed Lydia.

  • Thanks for the idea on how to prepare squash blossoms other than stuffed and deep-fried! I avoid deep-fried things and I’ve only seen squash blossoms fried, so have avoided them. But now I’m going to make it into a frittata! Genius!

  • Easy my ear! That looks infinitely complicated and gooooooooooooooooooorgeous!