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The Eatsdropper wants lots of fungus

Ufa, it’s been scorching, stinking hot ’round these parts lately. I don’t mind much, though our condo has a tar roof and no air conditioning. The natural air conditioning in the form of fog will return soon enough. But no matter how hot it is, I’ll still welcome the virtual whispers in my ear as you send me your overheards to eatsdropper-at-seantimberlake-dot-com or @Hedonia on Twitter.

Coworker: "What type of vodka would you mix in a French 75?"
Anita: "The juniper-infused kind."

– (Self-)Eatsdropped by Anita at work

Four-year-old child:  “Mom, where is my quarter?”
Mom: “I don’t have a quarter.”
Four-year-old child: “I said WHERE IS MY CHANGE?!  Give me your wallet.”

– Eatsdropped by Shannon near the toy machines outside a grocery store

Woman at office: "Can we get a cake made up that says ‘Good luck, testees’?"
[Ed: Could this be a Cake Wreck in the making?]

– Eatsdropped by Jen at (her now former!) work

Middle-aged man: "We just had a great meal at P.F. Chang’s."
Middle-aged woman: "I keep hearing that. But I don’t like Chinese food."
Middle-aged man: "Oh, it’s not Chinese. We had steak."

– Eatsdropped by Cranky at the Marin Farmers Market   

Bartender: "If you’re looking for more interesting wines, you should stop by Cantina."
Middle-aged female patron: "Oh, you mean at Chevy’s?"

– Eatsdropped by Anita at Level III

Young brother and sister arguing over which hunk of bleu cheese their dad should purchase:
"That one has too much fungus."
Girl: "But the fuuuuuunnnnnguuuuusssss is the best part.  I want lots of fungus."
Boy: "You’re right, the fungus is the best part."

– Eatsdropped by Erin at Gourmet Garage

Tourist, inquiring about radishes directly under the large Capay Organics banner:
"Are they organic?"

– Eatsdropped by yours truly at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market


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  1. “the fuuuuuunguuuuuussss is the best part” – talk about precocious kids 😀
    laughed my sorry behind of about these eatsdroppings. I’m just wondering: did the woman proceed to give her child the wallet?

  2. This is totally random, but I met your mother today and she told me to visit your blog! She’s quite the entrepreneur!
    Love the Eatsdropping, by the way!

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